A monotype is a one of a kind unique piece of art. It is the simplest form of printmaking. It requires only paint, a matrix on which to apply, then a press to print the image. The matrix can be drawn on Plexiglas or metal. Ink is rolled, brushed, daubed, used in any creative way to create an interesting impression. This technique enables the artist to use many experimental ideas. A press is used but interesting hand transferred monotypes can be achieved by  rolling the ink out on your plate. You can then lay a sheet of paper down on the inked surface and draw on the paper as i lays on the ink. Using a pencil and your fingers for the shaded area,  many exciting monotypes can be achieved. In "The Poet", the hand transfer method was used.

Hand transfer Nude
Unryu paper

The Poet
Unryu paper, a very thin delicate paper.
Hand transfer monotype.
Imaginary poet


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