The Gothic Paintings, as I call them were a challenge to my imagination. All of the figures were created out of my love of the wierd and occult. No models or photographs were used. I have always been an avid reader of writers like; Lafcadio Hearne, Poe, Correlli, Shirley Jackson and Ann Rice, just to mention a few. The paintings reflect my interest in this literature genre.


THE VISITATION   Oil 42 x 42

   This painting just happened; First the girls face and then
   somehow she had to be fearful of some hidden thing.
   The foreground could be animal, man or a combination.

THE LOST DOOR Oil  48 x 42


   Inspired by "Study in Gray and Black" by Whistler.
   The Grandmother came first and then I added the Parlor.
   All other objects, people were put in as I studied the painting.
   The Gothics just seem to come together through osmosis.

    THE MAD CIRCUS  Oil 70x50

I wanted the action of the horses to be the main theme. The first, white
horse emerged, then the painting became intense as I added the other horses
and the riders just appeared out of my palette. I also play music as I
paint. the music I feel makes a difference in the mood of the painting. I
like the classics for the Gothics. Perhaps a little Stravinski for this one




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