All of the paintings on this page are done in oil paints, my preference. My work is done from my own photographs which are transposed with others. i use models when available and my imagination when called upon. So the paintings are all a combination of photography, models and creativity. I first sketch in the subject matter, making many changes before I start to paint. I draw on the canvas with a very  soft number 6 pencil , very seldom erasing. I then lightly spray the canvas with acrylic spray, wait for it to dry and begine blocking in the colors. My Gothic Series were done without models or photographs. Stricly from the images in my mind.


52  x  42
Carmen was sitting upon the ledge in San Francisco. The angle was perfect. The other figures that were in the photo were removed.  


Bleecker Street

52  x  42
The same model as in SoHo Doorway. I took a photograph in the subway and then put the model on a bench.
A little color was needed so I added the shopping bag.


30  x  40
Photograph was taken in Sarasota in an interesting area in town called Burns Court. I painted from a model and put into the picture.



So Ho Doorway

30  x  40
From a photograph taken in New York City Doorway was changed, as was the color of her coat. We had walked far and she wanted to relax. I could not resist this pose





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