Dry point is not really an etching as no acid is used to obtain the lines on the print. The plate, usually copper is scratched into the material until burrs appear. The raised burrs are the lines that print, just the opposite of an etching. As the burrs are raised, the press eventually wears them down so that only a few dry points can be pulled. Wiping is not done with tarleton as the material would just snag on the burrs. So careful wiping with paper and the side of the hand is done. Chalk or baby powder is constantly applied to the side of the hand in wiping as oil collects on the skin and can leave marks on the plate. The chalk absorbs the oil as you are hand wiping Sometimes etchers will combine etching and dry point.

  Dry point on plexiglas
  Edition; 6
  Oil paints on Folio paper
  Only a very limited amount of prints
  can be pulled with a dry point on plexiglas.
  The burrs wear down rapidly.

  Girl Reading
  Dry point.
  Image size; 5"x6"
  Edition; 25

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